19 april 2011

Hitler en Humor

In de jaren '30 deden er in Duitsland de nodige grappen over der Führer de rondte. Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick was een Brits diplomaat die beroepshalve regelmatig met Hitler en andere topnazi's te maken had. Hij herinnert zich de volgende mop:

"Like most tyrants Hitler had no humour, a deficiency which was well known and which formed the subject of one of those amusing political jokes which were current in Berlin:

[Hjalmar] Schacht, it was related, protested against exiling Jews on the ground that they were much more intelligent in commerce than Gentiles. Hitler denied this and Schacht offered to prove it to him. So he took Hitler to a Gentile china ware shop and asked for a dozen left-handed cups. The shop man replied that he only stocked ordinary cups.

They visited a Jewish shop and made the same request.
'Certainly, sir, ' said the Jew, picking up a cup in his left hand, 'we have here a very nice line in left-handed cups. The only thing is that demand is very small; so we have to make a 10 per cent surcharge to cover the cost of special manufacture.'

Schacht bought the cups and, once in the street, said to Hitler: 'There you are.'

'I don't see it, 'retorted the Führer. 'It was only luck that the damned Jew happened to stock some left-handed cups."

Citaat uit: The Inner Circle, Memoirs of Ivone Kirkpatrick (London, 1959).